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How safe is the shopping made through the site?

As Ketche Trademark and online sales site, we have been providing services with 100% trust and hassle-free principle since 2016.

All your shopping on , which you can easily find on our website; Site Terms of Use, Preliminary Information Form, Distance Sales Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Payment and Delivery Content, Consumer Rights Agreements and Republic of Turkey Consumer Rights are secured under the decisions of the Consumer Arbitration Committee.


Is Ketche a legitimate business?

Ketche is a taxpayer legal company with information you can clearly find on our website. We create your e-archive invoice for all your purchases in line with the information you specify during the order and send it to your specified e-mail address.

Ketche brand and products are a manufacturer brand approved by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

As we are a legal business and you can clearly access all of our legal titles, contact information and address, in case you have any problems, you can find an addressee who you can exercise your rights as a customer.


Is my credit card safe when shopping online with my credit card?

All purchases you make with your credit card on are 100% safe. As a Virtual POS provider, we cooperate with one of Turkey's leading companies, Iyzico. Your Credit Card password is not shared with us and is 100% secure. Your payment will not be transferred to us immediately after completing your purchase; It is kept in Iyzico and transferred to our account after the time they have determined. Your money will be refunded between Iyzico and your bank in case of any erroneous transactions or refunds. In such cases, you can get detailed information from your bank and Iyzico.


Is my personal information safe?

Your personal information that you specify on the site is not shared with anyone and is kept confidential.


If I have any questions, can I find a contact person and get an answer?

Our e-mail, mail, phone number and WhatsApp contact line are clearly listed on our site. We are happy to be a part of the Ketche family and to be in one-on-one communication with our users. You can contact us at any time, ask your questions, get help; Our team will respond as soon as possible.


Can I cancel my order after placing an order?

You can use all the rights you have within the scope of Consumer Rights in the purchases you have made on our site and you can be sure that your rights are observed.

If you send all your cancellation, return and change requests in writing to our official e-mail address, , together with your order information and invoice, the process will be started and the process will be concluded as soon as possible if the necessary conditions are met. Order cancellation for non-shipped products is subject to the return procedure after the shipped products are received by the buyer.


I don't like the product, can I return it?

Of course you can return it. All unused, undamaged and resalable products can be easily returned unconditionally, within the legal period and by following the specified return procedure. Moreover, if the necessary procedure is provided, the shipping fee will be covered by us. (Return shipping procedure is on the product purchase page.)


I received the product from cargo, but when I opened the box, the product was damaged / the box was empty / a different product was found in the box. What should I do?

When the orders are delivered to the cargo company, the box dimensions and weight are recorded, the order is photographed to show that the product was delivered to the cargo company in good condition and it is delivered to the cargo company in a safe manner. Unfortunately, there are frequent cases of cargo damaged during transportation in our country. In this case, you have to open the box before signing that you have received the cargo and take a report if your order is damaged. When you reach us with this report, it will be certified that your order has been damaged by the cargo company and your damage will be covered.


The courier leaves the cargo without waiting for me to open the cargo. What should I do if my order is damaged?

According to the Consumer Arbitration Committee, in cases where you do not have a chance to open the box when you receive your order from the cargo, which you have determined that the box is damaged, the product box is damaged in the cargo delivery report. …. dents / tears / impacts etc. in place. exists.' If you make an annotation like this, you will have secured yourself. It will also help if you take a video recording while opening the box and record that the product came out of the box damaged.

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